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About Us

Cambridge Publishing is the leading Australian-owned specialist publisher, on behalf of Societies, Colleges and Associations, in Australia. Our focus is on Professional Publishing, which is also known as STM (Scientific, Medical and Technical) Publishing, and we have been producing quality journals, books, monographs and conference proceedings for over 25 years. Our proven experience in this field ensures we provide a comprehensive range of services to many Societies throughout Australia and internationally.

In Professional Publishing, the essential role of the publisher is to communicate the author's message - whether it be discoveries to share, improved procedures to describe or new technologies to explain - to a predefined target market. The expertise of Cambridge Publishing staff  allows the technical and professional competence of a Society's writers and contributors to shine through to the audience. To coin a marketing phrase, it is all about getting the right message to the right people at the right time at the right price using the right methodology.

At Cambridge Publishing, our aim is to create strong partnerships with Societies to enable each publication to grow and develop. Consequently, significant benefits will be realised by both the Society and the author. A partnership with Cambridge Publishing will provide a multitude of benefits including the advancement of a Society's profile and credibility, a dedicated focus on a specific field of study, as well as improving the author's own professional recognition and reputation.

Cambridge Publishing utilises state-of-the-art technology and provides a comprehensive 'in-house' structure, from initial design and copy editing, marketing and advertising, administration and database management through to print production and distribution. All editorial and printing services are managed locally, ensuring our 'hands-on' approach can occur from inception to completion. Unlike some publishers in Australia, Cambridge Publishing does not out-source any of the publishing or printing processes to overseas centres.

In summary, Cambridge Publishing is able to provide the experience, commitment and service to ensure your Society achieves the optimum return from its publications.