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For Societies

Cambridge Publishing is committed to enabling each Society's publication to grow and develop while at all times maintaining the highest levels of quality and integrity. This commitment has provided much success in bringing new journals to market as well as continuing to improve the quality of well-established journals.

We take great pride in producing new publications, such as the recently launched Wound Practice & Research Asia-Pacific Edition, to allow specialist communication to specialist target markets. A journal provides many advantages for a Society, including dissemination of expert knowledge, a clear channel of communication between its members, as well as a sense of ownership and camaraderie between the members of a Society. It also provides significant benefits in raising the awareness of the Society, increasing their profile locally, nationally and internationally and aiding the development of special interest groups.

Cambridge Publishing has a strong track record producing well-established journals, enjoying much success in creating significant improvements in the bottom line performance of many titles such as The Australian College of Operating Room Nurses Journal.

As most Societies will understand, Professional Publishing requires a painstaking approach to ensure accuracy and quality and can therefore be deemed an expensive process. However, a good publisher should also be able to optimise the financial position of their partner Society. Cambridge Publishing has developed and initiated innovative ways, such as revenue sharing, to improve the financial performance of many Society publications. Our expansive range of journals also provides the opportunity for cross publication advertising, further increasing the revenue generated through the partnership.

Cambridge Publishing also has its own web-based Manuscript Management System for the exclusive use of its partner Societies. This user-friendly system dramatically improves the content development function, making the process much more time and cost effective for editors, peer reviewers and authors. This is especially important considering volunteers who receive little or no remuneration fill many of these roles.

Contact Greg Paull to discuss the benefits of Cambridge Publishing producing your organisation's publications.