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About the journal

Neonatal Paediatric & Child Health Nursing (NPCHN) is the official journal of the Australian College of Children & Young People's Nurses, Australian College of Neonatal Nurses, Neonatal Nurses College Aotearoa and Nurses for Children and Young People Aotearoa. The journal is published online three times per year to members of the four Colleges and subscribers.

NPCHN is an international, peer reviewed, scientific journal that promotes the generation and interchange of knowledge related to all aspects of the health care of neonates, infants, children and young people (hereinafter referred to as children).

The journal advances the highest principles of scholarship within the clinical area to support nurses and other health professionals, and families, who care for children. NPCHN publishes papers of high calibre on issues related to the care of children in all areas of care, including primary health care, acute and tertiary settings, community care, secondary institutional care, ambulatory care, public health and areas of social disadvantage.

NPCHN supports and encourages the exchange of ideas and debate in an international arena, including knowledge from any and differing cultures, and anywhere the care of children occurs. A strong emphasis are implications for clinical practice in all the published work in the journal, and the generation of applicable, relevant and accessible nursing interventions and care delivery models. Critical debate, inquiry into the art and science of nursing children and families, and evidence generation are highlights of the journals content.

While nursing remains its main focus, the journal reaches out to a broad readership which includes those from other disciplines interested in the care and well being of children. NPCHN readership includes clinical nurses, from novice to expert, students, those who no longer physically work but retain an interest in the care of children, and academics and scientist nurses who investigate nursing in all its forms and generate evidence which supports practice. We welcome contributions from other health professions on issues that have a direct impact on the care of children, neonates, and young people.

The journal will include themes focused around:

  • clinical nursing knowledge, interventions and evidence-based review;
  • scientific inquiry and development, testing, dissemination and application of clinical knowledge and theory;
  • critical debate and opinion;
  • participation and involvement of those receiving care (children and families);
  • international issues;
  • professional development of neonatal, paediatric and child health nursing;
  • scope of neonatal, paediatric and child health nursing practice;
  • cultural, geographic and demographic aspects of neonatal, paediatric and child health nursing;
  • leadership in neonatal, paediatric and child health nursing.