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Author Guidelines

Submission of manuscripts

The Journal of Stomal Therapy Australia, in conjunction with Cambridge Publishing, now uses the world's leading manuscript management system - ScholarOne. Submission of manuscripts for peer review will only be accepted via this online program. Reports can still be emailed to the editor.

All tables, figures and photographs, as well as the main document and title page, are to be uploaded separately. Please ensure high resolution image files are uploaded as jpegs and are a MINIMUM of 300kb and no larger than 2mb in size. The manuscript may be accompanied by a Word document with tables, figures and photographs embedded so as to show the preferred positions of these. This separate file can be uploaded at step 4 as a cover letter.

To create an account when using the system for the first time, click on 'Register here' under 'New User?' in the middle right of the screen, or on 'Create Account' in the top right hand side of the screen. Please enter as much information as possible when creating an account.

Once in the system, the steps to submit an article are:

Step 1 - Manuscript type, title and abstract.

Step 2 - Key words - two are required, up to five allowed.

Step 3 - Add co-author and edit your details (if necessary).

Step 4 - Manuscript information and questions on funding, ethics, conflict of interest and copyright.

Step 5 - Upload files.

Step 6 - Review and submit.

The ScholarOne website has comprehensive guidelines and online tutorials to assist in using the system. Click on the orange 'Get Help Now' in the top right hand corner. A PDF of the Author User Guide can be downloaded after choosing 'Author' as your role.

Click here to see instructions for authors as published in JSTA.